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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bad Dude Comix ~ Whats It All About ?

Lets first off start with the name COMIX, at one time it stood for a independent form of COMIC BOOK. More or less for underground illustrated comics of all sorts. Copyright wasn't even considered as long as comic books were published by everyone at the time. Everything from X-rated Comic Books to Independent Comic Books. To this day have you ever wanted to publish your own Comic Book Character or Comic Book ? Well, back in 1998 an idea was formed. To create a place were independent artists could share there ideas with others. Thus Bad Dude Comix was discovered. But the idea was also founded by others such as associated artists with Bad Dude Comix - DARK ELF DESIGNS. And yet Bad Dude Comix could not find others to support the ideas, other then the names mentioned. So Bad Dude Comix went under. Till today - lead characters such as DESMINA couldn't stay forgotten. So Bad Dude Comix decided to resurface once more. Hoping that out in the modern Millenia that there might be others to this day, who may have the same ideas as we do.

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