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Lily Dracul

Name: Lily Dracul
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Also known as FANBASE LILY
to friends online.

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BIO: (previous known information)
I'm the Countess of Shroudshire (née Dracula)
, the matriarch of the Munster household,
 I'm an undead vampire. I was born in 1827 
to Sam Dracula (Grandpa) and his 166th wife 
(referred to only as "Grandma"). I lived with 
Grandpa for some time in Transylvania before
 meeting Herman Munster and marrying 
him in 1865. I, Grandpa, and Herman moved 
to America sometime before the mid-1940s 
and I adopted my sister's child, Marilyn. 
In the mid-1950s I gave birth to Eddie, 
my and Herman's only child. My name is 
presumably derived from the tradition of 
the lily as a flower of death, or a vague reference 
to Lilith one of mythology's oldest known vampires.

*Update: (fanbase information)
I'm now widowed, a fatal accident 
occurred to my dear Husband (Herman) 
years past. And have lived without him since. Eddie 
was raised by myself and Grandpa, till he was 
ready to go out into the world. Marilyn, 
stayed on as my adopted Daughter and good friend.

Lily (Lilith) Monster - fanbase bio. BDC has no
intention on infringing upon original title.
Name in use not intended for profit purposes.

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